Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Tequila Island [12"/CD]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Tequila Island
Format: 12” LP on agave and tequila coloured splatter vinyl / digipack CD with lyrics booklet
Cat#: Fika073LP/CD
Release date: 21st June 2019
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Stanley Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures for their fifth album together; and their first since 2015’s “My Ass”. That’s not to say either have been slacking in that time, both are notoriously prolific: The Wave Pictures have turned out 5 albums and Brinks 7 since they last came together in the studio.

Stan arrived at the studio with several CDs worth of unrecorded songs on a balmy North London night and instructed The Wave Pictures to pick out some favourites to jam during the following three nights of recording sessions.

To anyone familiar with Stanley Brinks' huge discography - more than 100 albums - it might sound more raw in a way, less sophisticated than some of his other recordings. It's still rich in jazzy sounds and original structures however, the songs looser and full of playfulness, with the lyrics carrying the essence of the songs.

Tequila - the drink - was obviously the inspiration for the album. While writing, and while recording.

Stanley Brinks was born in Paris, France, in 1973. He studied a bit of biology and worked as a nurse for a while. Half Swedish, half Moroccan, strongly inclined to travel the world, he soon began spending most of his life on the road and developed a strong relationship with New York. By the late 90s he’d become a full time singer-songwriter – André Herman Düne – as part of three piece indie-rock band, Herman Düne. Several albums and Peel sessions  later and after a decade of touring Europe, mostly with American songwriters such as Jeffrey Lewis, Calvin Johnson and early Arcade Fire he settled in Berlin. The early carnival music of Trinidad became a passion, and in the early 21st century he became the unquestioned master of European calypso, changing his name to Stanley Brinks. Under this moniker he has recorded more than 100 albums, collaborated with the New York Antifolk scene on several occasions, recorded and toured with traditional Norwegian musicians, and played a lot with The Wave Pictures.  

The Wave Pictures are David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny ‘Huddersfield’ Helm. Formed in 1998 when Franic and David lived in a village called Wymeswold, the band played with several drummers until Jonny became a permanent member in 2003 replacing Hugh J Noble. In the beginning the band learned to play together by covering Jonathan Richman songs but soon David was writing lots of original material. 

They have since released six  studio albums to critical acclaim and played numerous sessions on BBC 6 Music, Radio 1 and Xfm. Interest generated from these recordings has enabled The Wave Pictures to play shows all over the world with artists including Jeffrey Lewis, Darren Hayman, Stanley Brinks, Freschard and Herman Düne.

“Tequila Island is every bit as joyous as you’d imagine a desert island with a well stocked bar would be. The meandering afro-beat influenced guitar line and prominent flute line provide the melody, as the infectious coming together of percussion and bass add a toe-tapping propulsion. Stanley has suggested Tequila was not just the influence for the songwriting, but also the recording sessions, where Mexico’s finest was used to keep out the balmy North London-night; which might explain why it’s the loosest and quite possibly most fun they’ve ever sounded.” For The Rabbits

“I like this album, it's a nice soup of folk, americana, Dylan-lite, with lots of drum brushes pattering away and acoustic guitars strummed softly.” Norman Records

“Brinks and The Wave Pictures pair detailed yet understated indie-folk weedling with the horizontal, alcohol-soaked relaxation that this sort of yacht-rock is often characterised by. The general instrumental foundation remains solid overall, driven by warm acoustic guitars that stick almost exclusively to simple melodies, but find a way to use them well in the lilting shuffle of Like A Fool and the title track, or the quicker-stepping dalliance into country on Like A Song. It’s all very tastefully produced as well, keeping everything relatively quiet and low-key, but simultaneously highlighting the pockets of detail that brings a nice sharpness and crispness to it all.” The Soundboard

“Two alt-indie cult acts for the price of one. Stanley Brinks of Herman Düne is a good match for the loose American-laced sound that The Wave Pictures muster. Comes in lyric inner sleeve on spectacular vinyl, transparent but spattered with teal!” The Arts Desk

“Musically speaking there are similarities with that record [Gin] too (I think it goes without saying that much of this record features jazzy guitar lines and a stripped back rhythm section), but there are also subtle changes in style, such as the country / rock n roll themed "Like a Fool" or "Like a Song", both of which have an air of The Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo about them.” Cracklefeedback

“sounds like the whole thing is a teenage “band” recording in the kitchen, on a vintage cassette recorder borrowed from their gran. That’s after they’ve spent an entire year listening to the first Modern Lovers and Talking Heads albums” God is in the TV

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures announce new album


Tequila Island Released 21st June via Fika Recordings

Preorder now - https://shop.fikarecordings.com

Stream Lead Single ‘Tequila Island’ Out Now http://hyperurl.co/fuim9k

Fika Recordings are delighted to announce that they will release the new STANLEY BRINKS & THE WAVE PICTURES album, Tequila Island, on 21st June 2019.

Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures for their fifth album together, and their first since 2015’s My Ass. That’s not to say either have been slacking in that time—both are notoriously prolific: The Wave Pictures have turned out 5 albums and Brinks 7 since they last came together in the studio.

For this latest venture, Stan arrived at the studio with several CDs worth of unrecorded songs on a balmy North London night and instructed The Wave Pictures to pick out some favourites to jam during the following three nights of recording sessions.

To anyone familiar with Stanley Brinks' huge discography—more than 100 albums—Tequila Island might sound more raw, in a way; less sophisticated than some of his other recordings. It's still rich in jazzy sounds and original structures however—the tracks are looser and full of playfulness, with the lyrics carrying the essence of the songs.

Produced by Dave Tattersall of The Wave Pictures, the album was recorded by Laurie Sherman at the Booze Cube, London in the summer of 2018, with all songs written by Stanley Brinks.

Tequila (yes, the drink) was obviously the inspiration for the album. While writing, and while recording…

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Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - My Ass [12"/CD]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: My Ass
Format: 12” LP on camel coloured vinyl / digipack CD with lyrics booklet
Cat#: Fika047LP/CD
Release date: 2nd October 2015
Bandcamp | Spotify

Stanley Brinks returns with his fourth album accompanied by The Wave Pictures, My Ass.

After ‘Gin’ Brinks wasted no time in taking The Wave Pictures straight back to the studio, bright and early, the morning after the final show of their tour, to ensure they lost none of the fire still burning in their hearts from the final night’s drinks. Three playful days and twelve loose, jazzy, tracks later, with Brinks making salubrious use of his new penny-whistle and the assembled studio choir of friends hanging out, embraced into the recordings, he had his camel, ‘My Ass’.

‘My Ass’ is an album born out of Brinks’ life on the road, life as an outsider. It is a celebration of new drinking companions, in new bars, in new towns, every night. The memories of loved ones left at home, of places you can smoke inside and drink warm beer through the night. The shows that you wish could last forever. That island in the sun that keeps bringing you back

‘Wakefield’, the first single has a jazzy flowing bass driving a day in the life of Brinks on tour: a sense of togetherness, a touch of sax and the knowledge that love will act as a shield against all evil.

‘Berlin’ is yet another anthemic Brinks sing-along. Its airy ambivalence celebrates both the freedom and the ensuing pressures of his beloved adoptive hometown.

Press for My Ass

"There's an electricity about their fourth joint album, especially the live-in-the-room playing and Brinks' fallen choirboy vocals. The campfire singalongs Brighton and Berlin dispense boozy wisdom from Brinks' 20-year touring lifestyle, and have an infectious Jonathan Richman-via-Cornershop vibe. Rootsier still, My Camel finds Brinks digging into his Moroccan background with a North African penny whistle, while Fire To My Mind is an irresistible calypso. All told: an absolute joy." Q [4/5]

"Brinks stumbles into leftfield loveliness with elevated fare like 'Fire To My Mind' or 'Think About You', sounding like a junk shop jug-band playing a new strain of Middle Eastern calypso" Uncut [6/10]

"quietly charming" Pitchfork

"There’s no mistaking the unique sound of Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures in every single note on My Ass, but the overall mood seems to be uncharacteristically downbeat. A certain amount of that can, no doubt, be ascribed to the rigours of life on the road, of always acting out the trope of ‘the guitar man’ – and perhaps there’s also a lesson to be learned about hitting the studio the morning after you finish touring – but here the music seems to be tempered with a growing realisation that the sting in the tail of a nomadic life is the intractability of maintaining any kind of long-term, loving relationship. Nevertheless, it’s a powerfully honest album which, when played back-to-back with Gin, creates an almost perfect soundtrack to the humdrum, everyday existence of many people, to the ups and downs of lives lived to the fullest extent possible and, for that alone, My Ass is definitely something to be cherished." Folk Radio

"Stanley and the Wave Pictures are well-matched in producing this playful, lo-fi charmer, which is their fourth album together. Just like Jonathan Richman, he has the ability to take simple ideas and make them profound and cherishable. Even if you can’t keep up with his total output, these collaborations with the Wave Pictures are as good as anything he’s done." Sounds XP

"With Brinks drawing more deeply on his mixed Swedish-Moroccan heritage and his globe-trotting experiences and The Wave Pictures enveloping his songs with a blend of Velvet Underground-meets-Modern Lovers shapes and adaptive accommodation of Brinks’s more exotic tastes, My Ass has a laidback yet studious reach. Whilst Stanley Brinks’ fey tones and deliberately oddball lyrics may still put-off those unaccustomed to his idiosyncratic ways, there’s no denying that there is something undefinably special and life-affirming forged inside this fourth time around trip with The Wave Pictures, which makes its magnetic presence felt with each addiction-inciting airing. A somewhat unexpected pleasure all told." DOA

"a decidedly eclectic affair that ranges from music hall influenced and penny whistle-featuring opener My Camel, the (very) vaguely Johnny Cash meets Lou Reed twang chugger Brighton and the ramshackle sax parping calypso Fire To Mind to the brilliant and insanely infectious mid-tempo calypso gospel Berlin, Think About You, another Egyptian-tinged number about a camel and the titular ass, the breezy jazzy upright bass and cornet (?) swing Wakefield, about getting laid on a rainy day in Yorkshire, and the hybrid snakecharmer/war dance rhythms of With My Chin. Lyrically downbeat (life on the road and relationships don’t go together), but generally musically chipper, it’s a curio for sure, but a hugely enjoyable and toe-tapping one." Roots and Branches

"The songs I like best have a kind of carribean flavour. The best one by miles is ‘My Camel’ which has a bit of an ‘Egyptian Reggae’ flavour and is way more mysterious than anything else here. ‘Fire To My Mind’ too is a bit of sing along fun a bit like the lilt ad. Despite being over 40, Brinks is still ruminating on potential romantic liaisons not working out but from the general tone here I am assured that he has plenty of fun out on the road." Norman Records

"The songs are like jokes made in deadly earnest. They ooze melancholy yet are also replete with a resigned bemusement towards life's transient pleasures. "I'm like an electron, you could say I hardly exist" he muses with no great sadness on Fire To My Mind." Whisperinandhollerin [7/10]

"The album continues to take us on a journey of wonderful songs that the listener can wrap their ears around. One of the many highlights is ‘Berlin’, this is one of those songs where the word perfect does not seem enough; the hooks, melodies, and reflective lyrics will leave a very memorable stamp on those that take the time to listen “We are older than the world we live in”." A Musical Priority

Catch them on their tour, supported by Freschard, at the following dates:

Fri Oct 2nd : CARDIFF - Full Moon Sat
Oct 3rd : PRESTON - Blitz
Sun Oct 4th : EDINBURGH - Teviot Underground
Mon Oct 5th : GLASGOW - Broadcast
Tue Oct 6th : BIRMINGHAM - Hare and Hounds
Wed Oct 7th : LONDON - The Lexington

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Berlin [7"]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Berlin
Format: 7” maroon vinyl
Cat#: Fika046
Release date: 11th September 2015
Bandcamp | Spotify

We've got the second single, Berlin, taken from the latest Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures album for you - available as a download and on coloured 7" vinyl. On the flipside you'll find the non-album track It's Complicated.

"Berlin is a woozy anthemic ode to Stanley’s current city of choice, as he puts it, Berlin is about, “both the freedom and the ensuing pressures of his beloved adoptive hometown”. Musically, The Wave Pictures provide a gentle swoon of a backing, and they’re all joined by the vocal talents of Freschard for a chorus that is screaming out for numerous hazy, gently drunken sing-alongs on their upcoming tour dates. If Berlin is a sign of the album to come then mark My Ass down as one of our most anticipated albums of the year." For The Rabbits

"'Berlin' is no different, absorbing exotic sounds and mixing them with a neat slice of guitar-pop with a memorable, sing-along chorus featuring what sounds like the whole studio team. The warmth and talk of "last night's drinks" are something of a contrast to much music associated with the German city. B-side 'It's Complicated' has a similarly clear vocal and again uses many voices, but the pace slows to create a different atmosphere; perhaps one that's a little more thoughtful and maudlin. These are two fine tracks though, so long may this partnership continue." The Sound Of Confusion

The video sees Stanley take you to Berlin, to capture the spirit of the city that he calls home.

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Wakefield [7"]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Wakefield
Format: 7” teal coloured vinyl
Cat#: Fika045
Release date: 14th August 2015
Bandcamp | Spotify

Finally! We've waited a long time to get this out to you, the first single from the new album by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. It was all recorded immediately after their tour for Gin in March 2014, mixed and mastered shortly after, and we've spent the last year and a half singing it to ourselves... but now you can join in!

"Wakefield, featuring some delightful Dixie-land saxophone honking, trademark Wave Pictures bouncing guitar lines and Stanley singing some unsurprisingly odd lyrics about how, “our love like a shield against all evil and Wakefield on our side.” Whether the might of the West-Yorkshire City would really take to Stanley, well we’re not quite so sure, but maybe My Ass will convert people across the land to the joy of this special collaboration."
For The Rabbits

Song Of The Day - Folk Radio

"Last year’s album Gin was a treat. And more new music is on the way from the delightful collaboration between Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. Wakefield is taken from the indie dream team’s new album Ass, which is out later this year. It’s very, very good."

It's available on 7" teal coloured vinyl, Wakefield on the a-side and Dolores on the b-side. Buy it from us here or pick it up from your local record shop. And if you're more digitally inclined, it's available on iTunes, Spotify etc too!

Stanley Brinks & Freschard: on tour with The Wave Pictures

Stanley Brinks & Freschard head out on tour on Friday in support of their new album Pizza Espresso, The Wave Pictures.

Having already released 2 of the best albums of 2014 (Gin on Fika Recordings, and Boom Biddy Boom on wiaiwya) Stanley Brinks & Freschard are releasing Pizza Espresso - an album of duets, and a collaboration between both labels – on the 25th of August.

Pizza Espresso is an album of love songs about drinking and drinking songs about love. Picture Emmylou and Gram relocated to Berlin with a guitar, a pennywhistle and a washboard and writing ten gorgeous duets to be sung on lazy summer evenings.

“if you have time, and nothing on your mind, why, i’m free, for you and me”

Stanley Brinks & Freschard, with The Wave Pictures tour dates:

AUGUST 15 Fri CAMBRIDGE - The Portland Arms (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 16 Sat BRISTOL - The Louisiana (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 17 Sun GREEN MAN FESTIVAL (Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures)
AUGUST 18 Mon LEEDS - Brudenell Social Club (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 19 Tues HARROGATE - Major Tom's Social Café Bar (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 20 Wed EAGLESCLIFFE - The Waiting Room (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 21 Thurs NEWCASTLE - Cluny (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 22 Fri EDINBURGH - Sneaky Pete’s (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 23 Sat DOUNE, (near STIRLING) - The Rabbit Hole (Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures)
AUGUST 24 Sun DOUNE - The Rabbit Hole (The Wave Pictures and Freschard)
AUGUST 25 Mon SHEFFIELD - Riverside, Point Blank Theatre (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 26 Tues LONDON - Shacklewell Arms (Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures + Freschard)
AUGUST 27 Wed FALMOUTH - Beerwolf Books (Stanley Brinks and Freschard only)
AUGUST 28 Thurs EXETER - The Cavern (Stanley Brinks and Freschard only)

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Parking Lots

Parking Lots is taken from Gin, the new album from Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures.

Gin is available now on gin-coloured vinyl with printed inner sleeve containing full lyrics and download code, digipack CD with lyrics booklet and digital download.

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Gin [12"/CD]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Gin
Format: 12” LP on gin coloured vinyl / digipack CD with lyrics booklet
Cat#: Fika036LP/CD
Release date: 3rd March 2014
Bandcamp | Spotify

Stanley Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures for their third album together; their first since 2010’s ‘Another One Just Like That’.

Recorded entirely live in the studio, without headphones or overdubs, and with a good deal of improvisation, ‘Gin’ is a modern-sounding, in a way avant-garde, old school recording of text-driven songs. The Wave Pictures didn't get a chance to learn the songs before the session, Stan having forgotten to put a stamp on the demo tape he'd sent them from Berlin.

To anyone familiar with Stanley Brinks' huge discography - more than 100 albums - ‘Gin’ might sound considerably more raw and less sophisticated than some of his previous recordings. However this body of work remains rich in jazzy sounds and original structures, the songs looser and full of playfulness, the lyrics encapsulating their essence.

It goes without saying that Gin - the drink - was the inspiration for the album; while writing, and while recording.

Press for Gin

"a set that's as wistful and charming as it is playful and self-concious" Uncut [8/10]

"The Wave Pictures' classy post-punkish bite is a great foil to Brinks' whimsy on these unhinged, loose-limbed story songs. Sometimes gin makes you win as much as sin." NME [6/10]

"typically rich in a variety of sounds and structures; the songs are looser, more playful and all the more endearing because of it" Loud and Quiet

"This is nerve-jangling, hard-surfaced, soft-centred funny, shot through with sadness. The new Lost Boys, the Unlikliest Lads." Rock n Reel [4/5]

"a joyous and celebratory record which crackles and sparkles with a joie de vivre which is sadly lacking from all too many of Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures’ contemporaries" Folk Radio

"Gin rises above the swiftness of its creation, thanks to these few detours that Brinks and The Wave Pictures take around their usual territory. The fact that the catchiest track from this session – the single ‘Orange Juice’ – is not included just underlines that these guys seem to seamlessly slot together when they hit the studio" Drowned In Sound

"The album is deceptively simple but has real depth and quality and the artists spark off each other; the Wave Pictures are skilled at what they do (David Tattersall fires off all sorts of fast and sharp solos) while Stanley Brinks, first with Herman Dune and now on his own, shows that he can twist a melody until it squeals with anguish. When the two parts come together as ‘Gin’, it’s a refreshing pick-me-up; a tonic in fact…" SoundsXP

"there are lead guitar breaks which are loud and clean, like a messy second-grunge-era approximation of the great early electric guitarists from the '50s like Les Paul and Jimmy Bryant, real nimble but a bit anarchic too" Norman Records [8/10]

"‘Parking Lots”’has a classic Wave Pictures groove, but ‘No Goodbyes’ has a brooding intensity I don't automatically associate with them. Instead of the dizzying guitars, a single chord is thrashed over and over. Brinks' vocal sound winsome, but with a knowing creepiness, as he spits out “I know better than to think too much”. Johnny Helm's furious drumming steals the show as the song draws to its end. 'Gin' reaches a delightful conclusion with the sweet ballad, “Not to Kiss You”, where Brinks writes sadly of a non-quite love affair, around a melody that could have fallen off Dylan's 'Blonde On Blonde'. It's a delightful end to an invigorating record." Penny Black Music

"human, imperfect and with mistakes that aren't ironed out but laid bare to be accepted rather than ridiculed. It's shambolic – yes, but still full of energy and lyrical idiosyncrasies that shine through" Americana UK

"Brinks’ adds an earnest and romantic edge as compared to The Wave Pictures’ slightly more irreverent stance, with drunken recollection seeming to inform his storytelling." Drunken Werewolf

"Gin exercises its creator’s idiosyncrasies more successfully, and, as on their previous two secondments, The Wave Pictures prove nicely suited to the record’s loose, improvisational style." The Skinny [3/5]

"There is a wonderful naïve feel to the album, more impressionistic than precise. It has an intensity like Gauguin, bright and colourful but still with that all is not right in paradise feel." Fatea Magazine

"punctuated by ripping guitar solos that sound like they’ve been recorded though a rusty tin can. In a good way" Is This Music [9/10]

"The result is as it should be: an honest, raw album that perfectly illustrates the journey musicians make while creating it. A staggeringly good album that’s definitely worth a place on your shelf." Outline Online [9/10]

"Gin [is] a fitting title for an album brimming with snickered lyrics and tipsy melodies" The Big Takeover

"the gentle bounce of ‘Max In The Elevator’ is infectiously pretty, the call and response vocals of ‘Parking Lots’ inherently hummable, and closing track ‘Not To Kiss You’ is all elegant romance." Subba Culture [6/10]

"Brinks relies on good old-fashioned narrative to get his message across, in songs reminiscent of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, or the post-punk of David Thomas and Pere Ubu." Tasty Fanzine

"an album of riotous joy-bringing." York Press

"gentle and evocative rock" Peterborough Telegraph

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Spinola Bay [Digital]

Here's a free track to download! Recorded at the same time as Gin and Orange Juice, this track is an alternate version of Spinola Bay to the one that appears on Gin; here, Andre takes lead vocals alone. Enjoy!

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures are heading out on tour in March, supported by Freschard. Catch them here: 1 March Ramsgate - Ramsgate Music Hall [Tickets] 2 March Brighton - The Prince Albert [Tickets] 3 March London - The Old Queens Head [Tickets] 4 March Nottingham - The Maze [Tickets] 5 March Cardiff - The Moon Club [Tickets] 6 March Manchester - Chorlton Irish Club [Tickets] 7 March Hull - The Adelphi 8 March Wakefield - The Hop [Tickets] 9 March Newcastle - The Head Of Steam [Tickets] 10 March Edinburgh - Henry’s Cellar Bar 11 March Glasgow - CCA 12 March Belfast - [TBC] 13 March Galway - Roisin Dubh 14 March Cork - Triskel Arts Centre 15 March Dublin - Whelan’s 16 March Bangor - COB 17 March Bristol - Start The Bus