New Sally Shapiro release on Fika Recordings

We've long been a fan of the Sally Shapiro project - so it's with a heavy heart to say that Sally Shapiro are calling it a day with the release of their new single If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind. It'll be released ten years to the day since their first ever release, I'll Be By Your Side. A retrospective compilation is in the pipeline for later in the year on Paper Bag Records.

This is it. Thanks for everything. We did the best we could. Everything came from the heart. Everything was in stereo.

Sally Shapiro

The name “Sally Shapiro” refers to both the Swedish duo, consisting of the producer Johan Agebjörn and an anonymous singer, as well as the pseudonym of the singer herself. In December 2004 Johan discovered Shapiro’s gentle and beautiful voice while the two were singing Christmas carols together. Their first track, I'll Be By Your Side, was released as a 12" single on May 12th, 2006, on the Austrian label Diskokaine (run by DJ/producer Wolfram Eckert).

Sally Shapiro’s debut album, Disco Romance, was a nostalgic trip back to romantic italo disco of 1984. The album was revered by the press, nominated as “dance/electronic album of the year” at the U.S. Plug Awards and was given a spot in Pitchfork’s Top 50 albums of 2007. The tracks on the album were subsequently remixed by Lindstrøm, Tensnake, Junior Boys, CFCF, and Juan MacLean.

Sally Shapiro is known for her shyness: she does not reveal her real name, will not even let Johan into the studio when she sings, and has never performed her songs live. After a handful of DJ dates in 2008, she decided to never ever stand on stage again. However, the duo released two more studio albums, My Guilty Pleasure in 2009 and Somewhere Else in 2013.

Apart from a collaboration single with Tommy '86 - Why Did I Say Goodbye - and a few appearances on Johan's solo album Notes in 2015, Sally Shapiro has been silent since the last album. The new two-track single is scheduled for a release on the 10th anniversary of I'll Be By Your Side - May 12th - and will be the last recorded piece of music by Sally Shapiro.

They explain why: ”Our musical tastes don't overlap that much anymore. Johan is more into 90s-style electronica these days, and Sally is into non-electronic pop. In three years, we've only managed to record these two songs as Sally Shapiro, so with this single we have decided to call our musical project a day, and we would like to thank everyone who followed us on this journey.”

The A-side, If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind, was co-written by longtime collaborator Roger Gunnarsson and co-produced by Mitch Murder (Kung Fury OST). The B-side, Dangerous, is an acoustic interpretation of the David Guetta hit, with guitar played by Johan's cousin, Jonas Agebjörn. The digital editions of the single come with two remixes by French synthwave artist Tommy '86 as well as UK nu-disco producer Ben Macklin.

Pre-order the white 7" single from the Fika Recordings shop.

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Wakefield [7"]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Wakefield
Format: 7” teal coloured vinyl
Cat#: Fika045
Release date: 14th August 2015
Bandcamp | Spotify

Finally! We've waited a long time to get this out to you, the first single from the new album by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. It was all recorded immediately after their tour for Gin in March 2014, mixed and mastered shortly after, and we've spent the last year and a half singing it to ourselves... but now you can join in!

"Wakefield, featuring some delightful Dixie-land saxophone honking, trademark Wave Pictures bouncing guitar lines and Stanley singing some unsurprisingly odd lyrics about how, “our love like a shield against all evil and Wakefield on our side.” Whether the might of the West-Yorkshire City would really take to Stanley, well we’re not quite so sure, but maybe My Ass will convert people across the land to the joy of this special collaboration."
For The Rabbits

Song Of The Day - Folk Radio

"Last year’s album Gin was a treat. And more new music is on the way from the delightful collaboration between Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. Wakefield is taken from the indie dream team’s new album Ass, which is out later this year. It’s very, very good."

It's available on 7" teal coloured vinyl, Wakefield on the a-side and Dolores on the b-side. Buy it from us here or pick it up from your local record shop. And if you're more digitally inclined, it's available on iTunes, Spotify etc too!

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Maybe I Will See You Again

Stanley Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures on their first joint release for 4 years with upcoming 7” single Orange Juice. Orange Juice is an anthemic singalong about a recipe for happiness - “a little bit of you, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, ephedrine and orange juice”.

B-side Maybe I Will See You Again is, rather aptly after the concoction of Orange Juice before it, a song about standing at a street corner with a hangover. It has previously appeared on the album ‘Stanley Brinks Hovers’, but this is a new rock'n roll version backed by The Wave Pictures. Orange Juice is out on the 20th January on 7" orange vinyl and is available digitally.

Neither track features on the new Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures album ‘Gin’, out in March.

Pre-order Orange Juice on 7" / downloadPre-order Gin on 12" / CD / download

There's also a sneak peak of the A-side for Orange Juice from the test pressings here

Barcodes video from Making Marks

Here's the new video from Making Marks, recorded during their summer North American tour with Tigercats and The Smittens. See if you can spot members of both dancing throughout the video... It was recorded on the drive from a wonderful Richmond, Virginia house show on the way to a hectic show in Washington DC (and just before we blew a tyre on the interstate and limped the hire car back home).

The single comes out on the 5th of August on 7" vinyl - both tracks are exclusive versions that won't feature on their upcoming album, due out early 2014. There's also a banging remix from Skantze on the download. Pre-order here (and pick up their debut 7", Ticket Machine, at the same time).

25th July: Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire, UK (Django Django, Soulwax, Regina Spektor...) 28th July: Indietracks, Derbyshire, UK (The Pastels, Camera Obscura, Helen Love...) 30th July: The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK (with The Ballet & The Felt Tips) 31st July: The Maze, Nottingham, UK (with The Ballet & We Show Up On Radar) 1st August: The Lexington, London, UK (with The Ballet & Without Feathers) 22nd August: Cafeteatret, Oslo, Norway

Victoria and Jacob - Festival

IMG_2750 Victoria and Jacob are yet another new signing to Fika Recordings! We first came across them around this time last year when they sent us some sublime demos from their upcoming album. The frantic nature of running a record label alongside a full time day job took its toll, and that particular email slipped down the list of important-things-to-get-done-when-I-get_home-from-work, slightly forgotten. Roll on a few months and to an East London pub, sitting enjoying a few drinks with Trev from Oddbox Records, Darren Hayman and John from WIAIWYA, while we discussed ideas (ridiculous and not-so) and tinkered with Darren's Excel spreadsheets, talk turned to demos received and demos that had slipped through the net from bands that went on to Bigger Things... Several pints later, John and I had decided that we'd be working together on the Victoria and Jacob, having both fallen in love with those early demos tracks and neither of us quite having had time to do anything about it yet!


Fast forward 6 months from that meeting and we're just about ready to release the lead single from their forthcoming debut album. Festival will be out on the 27th of May, from both Fika Recordings and WIAIWYA, joined on the b-side by a cover of The Church's Under The Milky Way.

You can pre-order the 7" right now, with an immediate download of Festival from the Fika Recordings shop.

Victoria and Jacob - Festival remixes

Not only that, but we're giving away a free remix every Monday right up until the single release date. So far, we've had a Ralegh Long/Alex Pyper remix, one from Gringle and another from Alexander's Festival Hall. There's another five yet to come, and the final two are personal favourites! Keep up to date with the remixes here.

There's also a beautifully summery video for Festival, which you can watch below! Enjoy!