Fika Recordings was set up in 2011 by Tom Ashton to put out music he wanted to hear. Fika Recordings attempts to be a transparent, ethical and nurturing place for our artists. We aim to provide all our artists with a complete financial breakdown at least every 6 months so they can see how their releases are progressing, whether they've joined us on a 50:50 profit share agreement or a more traditional royalty based agreement. Unassigned digital revenues get fairly distributed across our artists. We file our accounts with HMRC every year and pay our taxes. We strongly encourage all our artists to ensure they've registered with PRS/PPL so they can collect mechanical and performance royalties that are due to them. And we'll try and encourage our artists to develop, to support them in what they'd like to do, and offer advice and guidance where we can. And go to the pub - we really do like going to the pub...

We welcome demo submissions, but please do take the time to investigate our current artists to ensure your band fits nicely with our current output. If your band is doing Stone Roses covers in your local pub, we're unlikely to be interested. It helps us greatly if you can give us a little background information: a bio, artists you like, bands you've played shows with, links to any press or radio you've had to date, etc. All helps us spot your demo amongst the torrent of Stereophonics sound-a-likes... We prefer a link to stream online with the option to download (Soundcloud is good for this). Alternatively get in touch and we'll provide a mailing address. Please do try and tell us a little bit about yourself and the demo you're submitting - we're less likely to get around to the email saying "Please listen to my demo, Thanks" than someone who's taken the time to explain why they think they'd be a good fit on the Fika Recordings roster. demos@fikarecordings.com

If you're looking to distribute Fika Recordings releases outside the UK, or are a record shop looking to receive wholesale copies, please contact distro@fikarecordings.com We may also interested if you're another label and looking to exchange or swap copies of your releases.

If you're looking for more information on our artists, releases and to receive promotional copies for your publication, please contact press@fikarecordings.com

For publishing, licensing and synchronisation enquiries, please email publishing@fikarecordings.com

For questions around ordering our records or any problems encountered with our webshop, please email shop@fikarecordings.com