Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Wakefield [7"]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Wakefield
Format: 7” teal coloured vinyl
Cat#: Fika045
Release date: 14th August 2015
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Finally! We've waited a long time to get this out to you, the first single from the new album by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. It was all recorded immediately after their tour for Gin in March 2014, mixed and mastered shortly after, and we've spent the last year and a half singing it to ourselves... but now you can join in!

"Wakefield, featuring some delightful Dixie-land saxophone honking, trademark Wave Pictures bouncing guitar lines and Stanley singing some unsurprisingly odd lyrics about how, “our love like a shield against all evil and Wakefield on our side.” Whether the might of the West-Yorkshire City would really take to Stanley, well we’re not quite so sure, but maybe My Ass will convert people across the land to the joy of this special collaboration."
For The Rabbits

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"Last year’s album Gin was a treat. And more new music is on the way from the delightful collaboration between Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures. Wakefield is taken from the indie dream team’s new album Ass, which is out later this year. It’s very, very good."

It's available on 7" teal coloured vinyl, Wakefield on the a-side and Dolores on the b-side. Buy it from us here or pick it up from your local record shop. And if you're more digitally inclined, it's available on iTunes, Spotify etc too!