Jessica’s Brother’s shambling nerdcore is clearly a passion project intended to please only themselves. Good for them. Their pivotal number Polstead Instead, loosely based on the 1976 Jonathan Richman track New England, is a jingling rush that would have headed John Peel’s Festive 50 in another life.
— The Guardian
Darren Hayman continues the tradition of indie singer-songwriters breathing new life into the hackneyed love song. He achieves this by way of convincing detail (as on Nuns Run The Apothecary and Post Office Girl) or unexpected directness (Didn’t I Say Don’t Fall In Love With Him and Break Up With Him).
— Record Collector
Cosines have found the magic formula that indie pop has been dreaming of – a winning combination of Pulp and Belle & Sebastian, seasoned with swathes of Stereolab. Refreshingly offering none of the dreaded “twee” associated with that genre, Cosines have a big sense of melody they’re not afraid to both use and play with, the same going for their sonic palette of guitars and spacey synths.
— The Quietus