Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Berlin [7"]

Artist: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Title: Berlin
Format: 7” maroon vinyl
Cat#: Fika046
Release date: 11th September 2015
Bandcamp | Spotify

We've got the second single, Berlin, taken from the latest Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures album for you - available as a download and on coloured 7" vinyl. On the flipside you'll find the non-album track It's Complicated.

"Berlin is a woozy anthemic ode to Stanley’s current city of choice, as he puts it, Berlin is about, “both the freedom and the ensuing pressures of his beloved adoptive hometown”. Musically, The Wave Pictures provide a gentle swoon of a backing, and they’re all joined by the vocal talents of Freschard for a chorus that is screaming out for numerous hazy, gently drunken sing-alongs on their upcoming tour dates. If Berlin is a sign of the album to come then mark My Ass down as one of our most anticipated albums of the year." For The Rabbits

"'Berlin' is no different, absorbing exotic sounds and mixing them with a neat slice of guitar-pop with a memorable, sing-along chorus featuring what sounds like the whole studio team. The warmth and talk of "last night's drinks" are something of a contrast to much music associated with the German city. B-side 'It's Complicated' has a similarly clear vocal and again uses many voices, but the pace slows to create a different atmosphere; perhaps one that's a little more thoughtful and maudlin. These are two fine tracks though, so long may this partnership continue." The Sound Of Confusion

The video sees Stanley take you to Berlin, to capture the spirit of the city that he calls home.