Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Maybe I Will See You Again

Stanley Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures on their first joint release for 4 years with upcoming 7” single Orange Juice. Orange Juice is an anthemic singalong about a recipe for happiness - “a little bit of you, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, ephedrine and orange juice”.

B-side Maybe I Will See You Again is, rather aptly after the concoction of Orange Juice before it, a song about standing at a street corner with a hangover. It has previously appeared on the album ‘Stanley Brinks Hovers’, but this is a new rock'n roll version backed by The Wave Pictures. Orange Juice is out on the 20th January on 7" orange vinyl and is available digitally.

Neither track features on the new Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures album ‘Gin’, out in March.

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There's also a sneak peak of the A-side for Orange Juice from the test pressings here