Fulhäst - But They Don't Even Sell Lo-fi Parasols In Top Shop

Here's a new video from Fulhäst, the second from his debut album Broken, starring members of Tigercats and Fever Dream. Fulhäst plays lo-fi Gameboy pop-punk about movies, heartbreak and stuff.

The album was recorded in the spring by Darren Hayman and Darren has also remixed one of the tracks, Your Skin, available here as a free download.

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Fulhäst - What Do You See?

whatdoyousee2 London's one-man-Gameboy-pop-punk-band Fulhäst has published a new video for the song What Do You See?, the upcoming single from debut album Broken.

The video features members of Durham punk bands ONSIND (Plan-It-X Records) and Martha (Discount Horse Records), as well as Birmingham's Ace Bushy Striptease (Odd Box Records).

What Do You See? is a totally free (or pay what you like) download available from the Fika webshop.

'Broken' comes on yellow vinyl at the end of the month - it's available to pre-order now from the shop. The album also includes a remix of a Your Skin from Darren Hayman... we'll let you hear that shortly!


Tigercats - Harper Lee / Cats Run Free

Tigercats have a new single out in July. This is exciting enough, but it'll also be the first 7" single I've put out on Fika Recordings! The single takes Harper Lee from their debut album Isle Of Dogs, and raises it with the second of the double a-sides, Cats Run Free. See that artwork above? That's the cover; isn't it a beauty? It'll be available from the Fika webshop very shortly and should be on sale for £4 online, at Indietracks and at various indiepop gigs that I turn up to.

Tigercats are about to head out to play Primavera festival in Barcelona this weekend. If you're going, make sure you see them; if you're not (like me), there are plenty of other chances to see them. Sat 2nd June: Barcelona - Red Bull Bus/Parc Del Forum/San Miguel Primavera Sound Mon 4th June: Barcelona - Forum FNAC Triangle, 19:00 hrs + Macondo Bar (w/ The Missing Leech) - 21:30 hrs. Tue 5th June: Bilbao - Forum FNAC Wed 6th June: Gijón - Pabellón Cajastur/Recinto Ferial Luis Adaro Thur 7th June: Madrid - Nasti Sat 9th June: Madrid - Neu! Club (Farewell party with Mate, Wild Honey, Ellos y La Familia del Árbol) Thur 14th June: Oxford - Bullingdon Arms supporting the School Fri 29th June: Rochester - The Deaf Cat Sat 7th July: Derbyshire - Indietracks Thur 12th July: London - Old Queens Head, Tigercats & The Smittens & Fulhast

See that last gig? That's a Fika show. I very rarely put on gigs, so you should probably calm my jittering nerves, buy an advance ticket and ease back, safe in the knowledge that once Indietracks is over, you've only got a couple of days of work before there's something to soothe the pains. It should be a good show, with Tigercats being joined by The Smittens and supported by Fuläst. We'll have records-a-plenty from all three to buy on the night. Advance tickets available here

Tigercats Smittens Fulhast

Tigercats Smittens Fulhast

Fulhäst - Down The Deuce


Nik used to be one half of Moustache of Insanity. Fulhäst makes some sort of electronic, poppy/punky music, using old Casio keyboards, electric guitars, circuit-bent microphones and Game Boys. His debut EP comes out on Fika Recordings on the 18th of June. You can listen and pre-order the cassette here.