Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Johan Hedberg (Suburban Kids With Biblical Names) remix

So the 'debut' 7" single from Making Marks is out on Monday the 15th, and not content with two wonderful tracks on the vinyl, we've added a bonus remix track to the download. It comes courtesy of Johan Hedberg, ed half of Sweden's Suburban Kids With Biblical Names [Labrador Records]. Johan describes it as "sample based laid-back"; it makes us think of Ace of Base! With such a great remix, it only seemed fitting that we made a video for it too! http://vimeo.com/fikarecordings/ticketmachineremix

You can buy the Ticket Machine 7" now from http://shop.fikarecordings.com/album/ticket-machine and get an immediate download of Ticket Machine, Like Spinning and Johan's remix.