Fika Tea Party at Indietracks

Just a quick reminder that we'll be hosting some fika at this weekend's Indietracks festival. Pop down to the workshop tent on Sunday at 3pm for some teas, cakes and probably a bit of music from a few Fika artists. Both Horowitz and Moustache Of Insanity are playing during the weekend and there might be one or two special guests as well. We'll have some cassettes and records for to buy as well. See you there!

Indietracks Tea Party

Come and join us for fika at this year's Indietracks festival in Derbyshire, where we'll be hosting a tea party in the workshop tent on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Both Horowitz and Moustache Of Insanity will be playing the festival and we might try and sneak in the odd acoustic performance from some of our other artists too! Drop by and we'll ply you with tea and cakes and music and you'll have the chance to buy some of our releases. There'll be some kind of blind tea tasting/identifying going on too, which means there'll be prizes.... Awesome!

Full schedule for the festival is available here.