Fika010: Moustache Of Insanity

Moustache Of Insanity
Moustache Of Insanity

Fika010, will, appropriately, be our tenth release since our launch in February this year.... and it'll be a full length 12" LP from one of our first Fika artists, Moustache Of Insanity.

Album Of Death is a monstrous amalgamation of classic horror movie themes, dancing and, er, dinner parties. If you've seen MOI recently you'll have been treated to a chaotic rendition of a few of these songs, which should put you in good stead for the screaming and jollity on the album. I adore it and can't wait to get this out. It'll be coming out in mid August, but until then, treat yourself to the awesome preview video for Dancing With Emma.

Plus, if you can't wait for this and haven't got round to buying their cassette EP on Fika (we've long since sold out), pop over to the Moustache Of Insanity website where there's still a few copies left!