Almost there!

We're just about getting everything together for our next cassette releases from Slottet, this web Amida, Petter Seander and Ed Greene. They're looking and sounding rather good! Amida have just got back from New York Popfest, where their track "Virtue Was Your Downfall" was filmed, to be played in the back of NYC's taxi cabs! Go watch it here! Tasty Fanzine have given their EP 8/10, and Music Dash describe them as "charming, poetic, partly American and as previously quoted, somewhat ahead of their time".

Swedesplease have written lovingly about the Ed Greene EP we'll be bringing to you in July, while Higher Power Moment, quite a moving blog about music and addiction, described them as "charming, gentle and witty".

You should definitely check out the live video for Petter Seander's Easy Hearts Crack - it is a beautiful, mellow version of the uptempo electro song on his Destroyer EP. Got to admit, I don't totally get Let The Cat Out's description of it as "if Outkast and The Postal Service met at a Passion Pit party", but it is a cracker.

Slottet's EP pleases Swedesplease too, affectionately saying these songs are "the closest to a Postal Service outtake you'll find". We're still trying to persuade these guys to get over to the UK to play a gig for us... while the first three will be playing a date towards the end of June - a release party! There'll no doubt be cake again, bunting and general fun times!

Remember you can pre-order all these cassettes through the website - just click on the artwork to stream and buy!

Fika005: Amida


Our next cassette release, Fika005, more about will be from Manchester's indiepop gems Amida. The Spite House Plot is due sometime in May. We'll be previewing tracks from the EP on the website shortly, where you'll be able to pre-order the cassette and get the download immediately for your listening pleasure.

Side A Mid Week Debauchery A Month Of Sundays Black Balloons

Side B Oleander Box Office Poison Victor Spoils