Mikey Collins - Sound in Here [Digital]

Artist: Mikey Collins
Title: Sound in Here
Format: Digital single
Cat#: Fika068SG1
Release date: 25th May 2018
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"Summer-fresh indie pop with a personal streak, it's a contagious little jewel of a song." Clash

"Sound In Here" is the first single to be released from the debut album Hoick by Mikey Collins, the drummer for Allo Darlin', which was premiered by Clash. Reflecting the joy and humour of his previous band, the track is a surprisingly upbeat song about tinnitus. As Mikey explains:

"This was a song that I wrote whilst thinking about the tinnitus that affected (Allo Darlin' guitarist) Paul Rains and I after years of touring.  Paul, particularly, had a very hard time adjusting to having damaged hearing and a constant tone in his ears.  It got me thinking about whether it was all worth it etc - of course it all was, but there were costs to all that travelling and not sleeping and loud gigs and shit.  This song thinks about that.  I wanted it to sound like the Cure."

Mikey Collin - Sound in Here

“Gentle, chiming indie pop packed with depth and nuance, Mikey applied a real perfectionist streak to the recording. Summer-fresh indie pop with a personal streak, it's a contagious little jewel of a song.” Clash

“this is definitely a pop song from start to finish; there are some added flourishes you might not have found on an AD track though. Personally, I really like the vocal delivery of Collins here; it lives somewhere in the realm between Norman Blake and Matthew Caws…both voices I adore.” Austin Town Hall

“bright and breezy with no end of hooks” Beehive Candy