The Just Joans - O' Caledonia [Digital]

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We've another new track from The Just Joans' forthcoming album You Might Be Smiling Now... for you! O' Caledonia is the opening song on the album, and David Pope from the band describes it like this...

"‘O Caledonia’ is a song inspired by my four-year-old niece who is, as yet, completely oblivious to the pain, misery and heartache that lies in wait just around the corner. This is our message to the young: You Might Be Smiling Now... Perhaps it’s the legacy of John Calvin and strict Northern Presbyterianism. Perhaps it’s the miserable weather and shite football. Either way, there feels a peculiar doom-laden cynicism at the heart of the Scottish psyche. Life is long and hard and filled with sin and guilt, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Enjoy the song - or, actually, don’t enjoy the song. Just set your face against the wind and endure it."

"The Just Joans are back, bigger and better than ever… The band is now a sextet, and the multitude of instrumentation and melodic input has inflated their sound to grander and weightier size, without losing any of the charm, bitterness or dynamism that makes them a noteworthy, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable listen in any situation." The 405