Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums - Better Friends [12"/CD]

Artist: Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
Title: Better Friends
Format: 12" album on blue vinyl | CD in slipcase sleeve
Cat#: Fika059LP | Fika059CD
Release date: 10th March 2017
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While Bill is 40,000ft up in the air*, moving his family back to Australia, we're releasing his first album since Allo Darlin's triumphant finale. Everyone's favourite bass-player-with-moustache-come-charismatic-front-man (McCartney, Lemmy, nah!) has made an album simply described as indie mixed with country, or country mixed with indie. Or like if Lou Reed went to a Linda Ronstadt Concert in 1988 and decided to have a change of direction. It's an absolute cracker - just as you'd expect from Bill, and his assembled backing band cherry picking members from The Wave Pictures, Tigercats, Hefner and Owl & Mouse.

Better Friends is available on blue 12" vinyl, CD and digitally. You can buy a copy from us via our online shop, from your local record shop, and from all the usual digital outlets (Spotify/iTunes/etc).

*literally, by my calculations he'll be over Eastern Europe as the album is released in the UK, and by the time he lands it'll be out worldwide and have been out in Australia for all of a day

"a righteous burst of alt-country. “I started smoking when you told me you loved me” Botting croons amid a formidable backdrop of gnarly guitar solos and swooning backing vocals that quickly transport you somewhere else entirely, delivered with an undeniable charm" Gold Flake Paint[Treating You Right premiere]

"an album that is an absolute joy from start to finish and will be cherished and loved by us all. I guarantee this is one of those albums that will ultimately make you smile, laugh, dance and simply enjoy every sound - what more could anyone possible want from an album?" A Musical Priority

"a wonderful indie-country-pop amalgam" Beat Surrender

"sweetly melodic indie-pop with country leanings, sounding very comforting" Norman Records

"Opening with the excellent title track, so good it could sit easily on any ‘Allo Darlin’ album and followed up by the equally catchy 'Burning Bridges' it is clear that Bill’s abilities stretch way beyond that of a mere bass player. 'Better Friends' is far from a one-trick pony though with 'Knew You When' having a distinct country feel and 'Treating You Right' mining the same seam as Status Quo!" Penny Black Music

"While I know we were all more-than-bummed when Allo Darlin’ called it quits, there’s promise in the future, especially knowing that Bill Botting (the AD bass player) has already announced a solo outing. Now, it’s not exactly what one would expect, with a little bit more of a folk influence, though he’s still employing the band’s tendency for great melodies. On this track, there’s a gentle female vocal accompaniment, perfectly accenting Botting’s seeming Western drawl." Austin Town Hall

"These songs - they're all hits - have the southern rock punch of Tom Petty, the careworn intimacy of Neil Young's ballads and the maudlin melodies of The Go-Betweens' Tallulah." Did Not Chart

"It's a good record too with a personal feel and a weathered slant to the lyrics. The melancholy and wistful opening two songs "Better Friend" and "Burning Bridges" make for a great start" Collective Zine

"deliciously crooned in the seductive lull of opining lap steels all smoked in the warming frosty topped glow of a campfire gathering which amid the honey toned winter-esque harmonies and the countrified cool had us much minded of a mulled wine imbibing studio soiree featuring Kevin Tihista, Rockpile and Moviola." The Sunday Experience