Enderby's Room - My Old Friend [7"]

<a href="http://shop.fikarecordings.com/album/my-old-friend">My Old Friend by Enderby's Room</a> We've given you a little taster of Enderby's Room over the past couple of months, with the digital singles Lakeside and Heartaches. Now it's time to get stuck in properly, with their debut 7" out today. My Old Friend is taken from their forthcoming self titled debut album, and the 7" vinyl version comes with two exclusive non-album b-sides, Pale Blue Dot and Postcards.

You can buy it direct from our Bandcamp, from your local record shop, and you can listen digitally via Spotify and iTunes.

Out now! The debut 7" from Enderby's Room - available from the Fika Recordings webshop, your local record shop and digitally from Spotify, iTunes etc.

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