Owl & Mouse - Somewhere To Go [7”]

Artist: Owl & Mouse
Title: Somewhere To Go
Format: 7” single on blue vinyl
Cat#: Fika038
Release date: 23rd June 2014
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Owl & Mouse was born as the solo project of Australian singer-songwriter Hannah Botting. After moving to London in 2008, Hannah taught herself to play the ukulele, and began writing vulnerable yet open-hearted folk-tinged songs. 

In early 2011, Hannah released her first solo EP on Haircut Records. A short while later, she began to form a more permanent, pop-oriented backing band, and now performs with her sister Jen Botting on backing vocals, Tom Wade on bass, and Emma Winston on keyboards. Owl & Mouse’s first release was a split single on Hangover Lounge Records with the track Canvas Bags.

Somewhere To Go is the first full EP from Owl & Mouse. Beautiful harmonies and gentle melodies float throughout the 4 tracks of love and heartbreak.

At its simplest, Don & Anna is a tender ode to platonic love between Mad Men’s Don and Anna Draper, while Don’t Read The Classics battles through an emotional rollercoaster of trust and subsequent disillusionment. Missing her family and friends back in Australia, Hannah wrote Western Skies for Tom to sing; her sense of hopelessness and loneliness displaced and sung back to her.

The EP was recorded in Soup Studios with Giles Barrett [Tigercats], one sunny day in the summer of 2013. Terrible Things was written in the studio while Emma battled synth failure, eventually switching to the warm analogue of the studio’s Wurlitzer for these recordings.

Emma can also be found as part of Enderby’s Room and Darren Hayman’s band; Tom also plays with We Aeronauts. Allo Darlin’s Paul Rains designed the artwork for the EP.

Press for Somewhere To Go

"This is an exceptionally beautiful EP and one that should be on everyone’s radar" Folk Radio

"There’s an observational acuity in her writing that’s almost novelish and her singing is freighted with bittersweet emotion, while she builds up her songs with inspired orchestration. In that sense, she’s not another anything.... Constructed of simple but strong tunes, Owl & Mouse’s second offering is a little gem." SoundsXP

"Somewhere To Go comes over as understated, delicate and minimalist, but its honest and melancholic tone and beautiful melodies certainly make it worth checking out." For Folks Sake

"Botting’s delivery and subject matter are beautiful and sad in equal measure, especially on this EP’s standout track Don and Anna" Neon Filler

"This EP ranges from stunning harmonies and gentle melodies that would soften the coldest heart. The melancholy lyrics are shockingly bold and it is in contrast to the smooth and velvety chime that is produced. It is difficult not to find resonance with Botting in this EP, and the warm nature of the sound and lyrics creates an ambiance that almost makes heartbreak sound beautiful." The Metropolist

"These quietly energetic and stylish songs remind me of Alan Horne's description of Subway Sect, that the idea is to "work not with power, but with weakness and introversion"... Somewhere To Go is a very substantial and richly rewarding record." Did Not Chart

"The cover artwork looks like it was a missing piece from Belle & Sebastian's Books EP, but sounding more like Camera Obscura's 'Books Written for Girls'". We Heart Music

"Perfect. These vocals are delicate, the songwriting as strong as ever, and the overall composition of these heart-breakingly beautiful songs make Somewhere To Go the perfect EP for a cosy, rainy day." So Said K

"a delicately assembled, heart felt folk record that takes listeners on a wistful journey of love and sacrifice... ‘Somewhere To Go’ is an excellent offering from Owl & Mouse and one that holds a lot of promise for this young band." SeeSound

"Hannah Botting is the enchanting singer on this song, offering up her gentle voice over her simple chords. Those of you who love the writing of indiepop, lyrically speaking, will also find her wordplay something special." Austin Town Hall

"It's a song with a great poetic bent to it, so if you like your songs fragile with hearts firmly on sleeve, you'll find something to like in this song." Metaphorical Boat

"In the couple of years since Hannah Botting's first EP under the name she's formed a band around her but kept her pureish vocal and yearning writing nature intact. This almost too delicately poised self-examination in the face of misplaced trust is from Somewhere To Go" Sweeping The Nation

"Bookend cuts “Don & Anna” and “Terrible Things” are the standouts, but Owl & Mouse are almost as impressive on “Western Skies” and “Don’t Read the Classics.” Keep an eye on these up-and-comers." Pittsburgh In Tune