Enderby’s Room is fiddle player Dan Mayfield, once from rural Lincolnshire, but he has now found home living in London. His folk tinged songs reflect on his traditional folk upbringing. Mayfield has played violin for many artists including Daniel Johnston, Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures, Allo Darlin’ and the Belles of London City morris dancers.

Over the past ten years he has gently built up a collection of his own songs, which he performs with his band Enderby’s Room. The name comes from an Anthony Burgess character called Mr Enderby who composed his prose inside the toilet. The band’s make up has been constantly evolving; around 30 different individuals have been a part of Enderby’s Room over the last decade, before settling on the current 5 piece lineup.

Enderby’s Room’s sound features a Victorian pedal harmonium, together with French horn, double bass, ukulele, guitar and percussion.

The artwork for the record was created by Johnny Voss whose style involves using a continuous single pen stroke to create his illustrations.

As well as Enderby’s Room, Mayfield set up School of Noise which encourages young people to be creative with sound, using unusual noise making and sound sculpting machines. This project has seen him take workshops to the Green Man and End of the Road festivals as well as the Southbank Centre, Museum of London, Great Ormond Street Hospital and primary schools around the country.

Enderby's Room/School of Noise feature - The Independent

"What we have here is a minimalist, understated collection of pastoral songs gently washing over you like a soft breeze or the warming rays of the afternoon sun... Birds is the musical equivalent of a haiku, minimalist to the core, a little gem of acoustic pop perfection... Enderby’s Room is a touching collection of minimalist lo-fi folk songs, with nods to indie-pop and traditional folk. Having been in the works for ten years, this album needs to be savoured slowly and gently like a glass of well-aged wine ( couldn’t help myself!)" Folk Radio

"Unfolding gently, the quiet grace of Enderby's Room seems to draw on the folk tradition while taking brave chances of its own." Clash Music [Heartaches premiere]

"Music as beautiful and as fragile as a dandelion clock" Americana UK [7/10]

"The track is a delicate piece of gently unfurling minimalism, led by a lightly plucked acoustic, and the steady pulse of a double-bass; it’s left to the vocals to carry much of the melodic content. Thankfully in guest vocalist, Deerful’s Emma Winston, they’ve the perfect foil, while Emma’s own music exists in the field of electronic-pop, here she demonstrates herself an equally adept folk-singer. Emma’s silvery vocal effortlessly carrying the quiet melancholy of Dan’s words, as she sings of the natural migration of our avian visitors, “they’re preparing to leave this land and head somewhere warmer, far from our crystal winter“. It’s a song that knows we must all fly the nest at some point, but even in that inevitability, there’s still a sense of trepidation and sadness and what me way lose along the way. The whole track builds to a quiet crescendo, as Dan and a third voice, belonging to Sophie Koonin, join to provide delightfully harmonious, counter melodies, and the rich, weezing tones of a Victorian pedal harmonium add a touch of depth, before the whole thing fades to fluttering bird song. It’s an exquisitely delivered, and vivid piece of songwriting, and the strongest case yet for just how good Enderby’s Room’s album could be." For The Rabbits [Birds premiere]

"Enderby's Room will appeal to fans of Low, Belle and Sebastian, Nick Drake and Virginia Astley, but probably not to those of Henry Rollins! Melancholy, slightly ominous, certainly not to be left on in the nursery." Fatea

"it’s all rather lovely" For Folks Sake [My Old Friend premiere]

"a lamenting duet" Folk Radio [Lakeside premiere]

"has a subtle beauty that will overwhelm you" Austin Town Hall

"an absolute stunner. The harmonies and whimsical melodies will take you to places you never dreamed of; imagine the most beautiful sunset, the most beautiful starry night sky and you will begin to get a picture of where this amazing song will take you. The lyrics are full of reflection and wonder, leaving you feeling warm and content... make Enderby’s Room one of the many bands you fall head over heels in love with during 2017" A Musical Priority

"a strong debut effort from the mellow Enderby’s Room." Beard.Wives.Denim

"a gorgeous album... The musical arrangement is minimalist but sounds lush and full, like an antique watch you don’t need to take it apart to realise its beauty and intricate workings" Cambridge Music Review

"Lakeside is a fine example; a duet with Deerful’s Emma Winston, it’s two perfectly matched voices chiming together in unison as they sketch a tale of unrequited love, as a steady acoustic guitar line is plucked, before rich, waves of violin drift into earshot. Beautiful and honest." For The Rabbits [influences mixtape]

"a gentle, folky affair and it’s perfect for a Sunday" Overblown

"so incredibly charming, soft and beautiful" One Chord To Another

"We’ve been eagerly awaiting a record by Enderby’s Room for a while now. It feels as though the EP might finally be on the horizon, but for now this softly spoken single will more than suffice. Whispered loveliness from lead singer Dan Mayfield and Deerful’s Emma Winston." Folk Room

"Ticks all the boxes, really: released on Fika Recordings; lovely guest vocals from Deerful; bring back the folky part of indie!" Beautiful Freaks

"I am always waiting in excitement for any new music from Enderby’s Room. These 3 folky indie/pop songs are so beautiful, and sometimes when I listen, I kind of feel that the band is here with me in the room, playing" Eardrums Music