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There is not much to say about a band like Slottet. They are an unsophisticated band, driven by the need to express themselves in dynamic yet simple melodies – an alluring sound that capture the essence of music. Seen as individual parts, the sounds in their songs may sound out of tune – even ugly – but as a whole they grow much larger then their individual parts.

While studying together, the members of the band needed a way to escape the pressures of school, life and everything else and they found that music was their escape. This was in 2008 and a lot have happened since then. They have played live on venues ranging from small cellar-like bars to playing their biggest gig so far at one of Sweden’s biggest festivals, Way Out West.

Hank von Helvete from Turbonegro once said ‘Most rock-n-roll bands start as a riot, but end up as a parody. We started up as a parody, but ended up as a revolution.’ To paraphrase this – most electro-pop bands start out as a symphony of synthesizers that evolve to echoes in the night. Slottet started out as two guys listening to those echoes in the night, but ended up as two guys creating something just as good.

We believe that we have succeeded beyond expectations.

Releases Fika006: Slottet - Servants [Cassette/DL]