I like to start my presentation of bands with a short lookback at our first meeting. So here goes: When I first met Petter, I remember us drinking a lot of free beer and discussing for a quite impressive period of time wheter or not he straightened his hair. Turned out, he didn't. It actually comes like that naturally. Now, a few years later, we mostly talk about making music and how to stay sane. We tend to often fail the last, but succeed with the first, and I wonder if it's possible to do both in an acceptable way.

If you haven't heard of Petter Seander, you are 1. not interested in swedish pop music or 2. not very observant. While touring with swedish pop stars, DJing at cool clubs, fronting countryish popbands (I haven't stopped listening to this song for three years!) and writing for hipster magazines, he also managed to produce a solo album last year. It involved recording vocals in someone elses wardrobes and dressing up like a bird in a museum. You should listen to it, it's brilliant.

Petter actually already appears on a Fika Recordings release; he plays the mandolin at Lost Summer Kitten's New country song. It might seem a long way from what he's doing at his own cassette, but I think not. I think it's still about melodies and heartache, and as we all know, both melodies and heartaches come in different shapes. In both country and electro pop-shape.

I imagine the making of this EP happened like this: Petter moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm and picked up a drum machine on the way. While (most presumably) eating hazelnut cookies in his countryside cottage in his new hometown, he created this lovely little EP for us (and for you!). It doesn't involve dressing up like a bird unfortunately, but it involves elderflower tea and dancing with a destroyed heart.

Releases Fika007: Petter Seander - Destroyer [Cassette/DL]