Palomica is the home-recorded clumsy rock and roll project of Nicol Parkinson. It’s incidental outside sounds alongside tumbling words and occasional guitar flourishes: sometimes melodic, sometimes cacophonic.

Petito is Palomica’s second full length album, and their first with Fika Recordings. Since 2013’s “Sometimes It’s A Struggle”, Parkinson has played with co-existing unrelated sounds, bringing tape manipulation, ambient recordings and electronic drones to his delicate pop songs. It was partially recorded in his childhood bedroom outside Brighton, with his childhood cats poking around, and finished in Bristol in late 2015 with a different cat poking around.

There’s a wide range of avant and pop influences running through Petito’s 8 tracks. The art-rock of Japanese naivest Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz has undoubtedly influenced Parkinson’s fluid approach to melody and composition, and acceptance of confusion, as has Jad and David Fair’s careful carelessness. Petito occupies a world where the Movietone, The Velvet Underground and Tenniscoats are essential listening.

Nicol also plays in the primitive pop group Frozy with sister Rhiannon and New York based artist Irina Jasnowski, and drums in The Nervy Betters.". Live, Palomica doesn’t feature a set line up, but has previously featured members of The Wave Pictures, The Nervy Betters, Joanna Gruesome, The Middle Ones, Trust Fund, The Choo Choo Trains, Oh Peas and a six year old French child, who’s name has long since been forgotten.

"With shades of Jad Fair, The Pastels and Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Nicol Parkinson's pop songs are simultaneously optimistic and ruined, a collection of beautiful melodic collages of troubled positivity, rosily assembled impressions of the bleached and broken jetsam of his local Brighton beach." Mojo

"Palomica embrace the new and unknown with a sense of vigour, and, although in accordance with their rocking past, have managed to create an album of almost godlike proportions." PennyBlack Music

"DIY experimental pop that’s as sweetened with melody as it’s warped by ambient electronica, it’s worth hearing" SoundsXP

"How warm. Are things allowed to be warm now? Economically, are we holding on to the warmth? On ‘Petito’, Palomica have rolled open summertime jangle and offered it unto us, the always happy recipients of the No Frills. Steered by ever-pleasant riffs and a politely nasal lead vocal, this record basically sounds like Avi Buffalo retired his project right in time for the holidays. “Ribbons” is a fine way of saying everything will be alright, a kind of staccato Real Estate that divides their sound of its lushness but keeps their take-it-easy sheet music close. “Honeydew” does the same -- it’s closer up, and its guitar strums are conjoined by a chirpily skipping drum machine and a dual vocal that sounds like both singers are taking shifts on the same mic. The lyrics are as much about working the microwave in your kitchen as they are about fraught love life -- and then the chilltime guitar comes back in. All. Is. Well." Norman Records

"It’s a world full of Noise, but also filled with beautiful sounds we have to find. That’s an obligation, but Palomica helps us see that it’s also an adventure" Beautiful Freaks

"as perfect a slice of indie pop as I'm likely to hear all year" Collective Zine

"Bouncing pop music never sounded so good in the morning, and the youthful spirit of the song has left a grin on my face for the twenty minutes." Austin Town Hall

"This is the kind of happy indiepop I love, even with boy/girl vocals too (joined by the lovely Oh Peas!), with lyrics that make me smile on my ways through the city. And if, like me, you love their wonderful labelmates Red Shoe Diaries, then you’ll probably like this too." Without My Echo

"‘Honeydew’ is a cutesy indie-pop tale of fixing broken hearts via fruit metaphors and bakery fails, quirky sunny melodies concealing the insecurities beneath." Dani Never Dreams

"Seemingly effortlessly jaunty pop gems rub shoulders with more experimental tricks, always underpinned with the charming guitar playing that makes any time in the company of Nicol a treat." There's Treasure Everywhere

"J'ai écouté Petito et c'est une réelle petite bombe qui commence par un Ribbons explosif de sonorités proches de Lou Reed. La fraicheur de Jonathan Richman s'y entend également. L'univers de Palomica présente d'entrée en biseau des lignes de guitares surprenantes, une batterie singulière et sa voix pastorale qui enveloppe l'ensemble. L'envie de danser est garantie, bougeant autant les orteils que le popotin. Puis on suit Nicol sur Petito pour une partie de colin-maillard sonore, l'instrumental nous emmène sur des sentiers inédits jusqu'au splendide Water Walks. Le piano y fait des loops délurés accompagné de l'accordéon et de la guitare électrique maîtrisée. Le texte saute du coq à l'âne avec une poésie et un romantisme fou. Nicol y évoque l'enfance ce qui rappelle que l'album est enregistré en partie chez ses parents dans sa chambre d'enfant et l'autre en studio à Brighton. On continue de taper du pied sur les harmonies scandées d'Actual Sighs montrant un univers borderline au son idoine. Suit le splendide Honeydrew et le tournoyant Bellyful au texte souriant et aux allures garage, sixties, incroyables et impeccables. L'humour fin et délicat de Nicol détonne sur tout l'album qui se termine avec les bandes musicales de You have the softest voice et Big Black Clouds aux formats instrumentaux, colorés de chants d'oiseaux, d'une ambiance de campagne champêtre réussie. Petito est rempli d'inspiration, d'une âme rock'n roll aux tendances fleur bleue ultra-séduisante." Piggedly Pop