Lisa Bouvier took the brave leap into the pop world 2007, having grown tired of compromises in various band formations. She quickly made a name in southern Sweden as its most frisky popstar with handclaps, vocal harmonies and a bloodied guitar that could get any pop club or living room dancing along to her catchy songs. In Lisa's music the melodies form the center. Melodies that sticks like flypaper and are backed by equally deliberate handclaps, naive pop that push rock riffs and occasionally a beautiful singer / songwriter calm.

With these ingredients Lisa Bouvier suceeds with the true art of being an unpretentious serious pop artist. The lyrics dealing with small bittersweet truths about life, spiced with all manner of popular cultural references in the style of Annika Norlin and Mary LouLord. Behind her, Lisa Bouvier has Skåne, Sweden's finest musicians, The Pop Messengers, composed of Emmy Hogstrom-Tagesson (vocals, melodica), Lars Diurlin (drums, vocals), Mattias Lidehäll (bass), Håkan Carlsson (git / keyboard / dance) and André Brorsson (piano, dance). Together they also play in Stars In Coma. Following magnificent sets with her band across the pop clubs of Europe, she’ll be playing a flurry of solo gigs in the UK in the new year.

"The scrumptious indiepop of Lisa Bouvier.... is this the best indiepop you've heard all year?" Swedesplease.net

ReleasesFika001: Lisa Bouvier & Allt Är Musik - Indien är död [Cassette/DL]