Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
Better Friends
1 Better Friend
2 Burning Bridges
3 Knew You When
4 Treating You Right
5 Graceland
6 Feeling Sad Again
7 The Rug
8 Paulie’s Song
9 Difficult Stuff
Released: 10th March 2017

Enderby’s Room
1 Lakeside
2 The Music
3 Stars
4 David the Gnome
5 Birds
6 Grey Stones
7 Mr Enderby
8 Heartaches
9 My Old Friend
10 Mannequins
11 Tiptoe
12 I’ll Find You
Released: 21st April 2017

Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks
Vieilles Caniques et Nouvelles Caniques
A1 Ten In The Morning
A2 For You
A3 L’Hay-Les-Roses
A4 Whole Other World
A5 Casse Dechire
A6 All I Need
A7 Man Is A Wonder
A8 Jeanne-Marie
A9 Monique
A10 Julie
A11 Hard-Hearted Woman
A12 Up and Down
A13 River Boat
A14 Vieilles Canique
B1 Your Brown Eyes
B2 Right Down My Alley
B3 Au Luxembourg
B4 This Place Is Great
B5 Please Don’t Take My Love Away
B6 You Broke My Heart
B7 If You Don’t Love Me
B8 Spider In Sight
B9 En Rhenanie Palatine
B10 Jools
B11 You and Your Violin
B12 When Will I See You Again
Released: 13th January 2017

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks
Turtle Dove
1 Turtle Dove
2 Say Goodbye
3 One More Day
4 Between Me and the Future
5 Come Come Springtime
6 This World
7 Zombie Taboo
8 Slow Peace
9 And The Violin
10 Stronger Than Wine
11 Day In Day Out
12 Too Much Women
13 I Spread My Wings
14 For The Road
Released: 13th January 2017

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
My Ass
1 My Camel
2 Brighton
3 Fire To My Mind
4 Berlin
5 Love Me Too
6 Run Along
7 Think About You
8 Goodbye My Love
9 Wakefield
10 With My Chin
11 Back To My Island In The Sun
12 Balluta Bay
Released: 2nd October 2015

Owl & Mouse
1 Keep Your Eyes Wide Open
2 Misfits
3 Worst Kiss
4 Canvas Bags
5 Octopi
6 Basic Economics
7 Sick Of Love
8 Louie
9 Sinking Song
10 Departures
11 Rapunzel
Released: 24th July 2015

1 Out Of The Fire
2 Nothing More Than A Feeling
3 Walking Away
4 Lookout Mountain Drive
5 pop-in-court
6 Binary Primary
7 Stalemate
8 Runaway
9 Misguide Me
10 Our Ghosts
Format: CDR in handprinted brown digipack sleeve, limited to 200
Released: 28th July 2014

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
1 One Minute Of Darkness
2 I Wanted You
3 Time For Me
4 Spinola Bay
5 Blues About Krishna’s Latest Avatar
6 Max in the Elevator
7 Light and Slow
8 Parking Lots
9 Not To Kiss You
10 No Goodbyes
Released: 3rd March 2014

Making Marks
A Thousand Half-Truths
1 Bruises
2 Barcodes
3 Uten En Tråd
4 Forgive and Forget
5 Like Spinning
6 Lemon Sheets
7 Falling In Love Again
8 A Thousand Half-Truths
9 Ticket Machine
10 Flying High Forever
Released: 3rd February 2014

Victoria and Jacob
Victoria and Jacob
1 Theia Mania
2 Festival
3 Believe The Boy
4 Emily’s Song
5 Desire
6 I See You
7 Cry Baby
8 The Rain Might Clear
9 Take Another Lover
10 There’s A War
Format: slimline CD
Released: 8th August 2013

Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament
1 Martin Said
2 Bugbears
3 Sir Thomas Fairfax March
4 Seven Months Married
5 Hey Then Up We Go
6 The Owl
7 The Contented
8 Impossibilities
9 Babylong Has Fallen
10 I Live Not Where I Love
11 Bold Astrologer
12 Old England Grown New
13 When The King Enjoys His Own Again
Format: digifile CD
Released: 15th July 2013