Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums

24 Nov

We’ve got a last minute addition to our Christmas release schedule! We’re dead excited to be bringing you a 4 song EP on cassette and download from Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums.

You’ll know Bill Botting as one half of Moustache Of Insanity, a quarter of Allo Darlin’ and a whole lot of awesomeness. He’s brought together a right old supergroup of chums to join him on It’s Not Christmas Anymore, joined by little sister Hannah Botting of Owl & Mouse, Paul Rains of Allo Darlin’ and Tigercats, Darren Hayman and two thirds of The Wave Pictures (Jonny Helm and Dave Tattersall).

We’re frantically getting everything together – if all goes to plan we’ll have copies to sell at this weekend’s Independent Label Market in Spitalfields ahead of the 11th of December release date. We’re only making 100 copies of this cassette, so don’t wait too long if you’re after a copy!


Bill’s no stranger to getting in to the festive spirit for us at Fika either – back in 2011 he contributed two tracks to our advent calendar.
Both “Mulled Wine” and “Acting Without Acting” are still free to download if you missed out…

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Watch and listen to new tracks from Sunturns’ Christmas II album

20 Nov

We’ve got two new things out now to whet your appetite ahead of the release of Sunturn’s second Christmas album in December. Kicking things off, feast your eyes on the video for Would You, recorded towards the end of summer at Silence Studios in central Sweden as Sunturns convened to channel all that summer excitement into a sparkling festive album!

If that’s not enough to get you geared up for the approaching holiday season, we’ve released another track from the album for you to listen to. Sunni is the opening track of Christmas II – starting off as a piano ballad before evolving into a post-rock tune about meeting a girl called Sunniva…

Pre-order your copy of the gatefold double vinyl package or download here.

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From The Square To The Hill – new video from Darren Hayman

12 Nov

From The Square To The Hill is taken from Darren Hayman’s latest album “Florence”, available now on vinyl and download.

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“Florence” from Darren Hayman out now

6 Nov



Darren Hayman returns with a beautifully delicate and touchingly honest album simply titled Florence after the city in which it was created. This is his very first purely solo album, featuring no other musicians. It was written and recorded between Christmas and New Year at the end of 2014 in the Firenze flat belonging to Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin’) and Ola Innset (Making Marks). Continuing his habit of making incisive, observational and beautiful albums, with Florence Hayman has taken a back-to-basics approach, eschewing his recent collaborative, conceptual approaches for a humble and modest solo effort, entirely recorded and performed in the Italian apparetemento of his hosts.

Florence is sparse and poignant. Tinged with melancholy and etched with heartache, revealing the very best of Hayman’s considerable songwriting verve, this collection of songs shows what you can achieve whilst on holiday at a friend’s house, taking refuge in the winter quiet during the festive season.

“Perfectly poised romances on intimate solo outing from ex-Hefner man… Florence is a beautiful, bespoke gem of an album… Italian jobs come no finer.” Uncut [8/10]

“Its delicately observed song cycle unfolds like a novella or short film, with tracks that might seem slight in isloation gaining resonance in situ.” Q [3/5]

“This lack of concept has enabled Hayman to go back to the universal motifs of love and loss that served him so well as the frontman of indie favourites Hefner. And we’re glad to report that he’s right back on the money from the word go. First track Nuns Run The Apothecary turns a stream of mundane details into something inexplicably heartbreaking, with little but a softly strummed guitar as an accompaniment. This is Hayman’s gift – the ability to elevate the quotidian to heights that are almost sacred… Hayman has made a career out of surprising his listeners, and Florence – cutting and pretty, grubby and sexy – is one of his best surprises yet.” Folk Radio

“In some ways this is my favourite Hayman album for some time. It’s got the song writing of the best of his Essex trilogy and the warmth of much of his January songs project, recorded at this same time of year and involving him writing, recording and releasing a song a day with help from his musical friends and social media community, including my own dog.
Although in a different city to his native London this most melancholy of times of year once again provides the perfect inspiration for his songwriting.” Neon Filler

“Florence is another excellent addition to Darren Hayman’s sterling oeuvre” The Line Of Best Fit [8/10]

“Across the album, there are moments to savour: a charming fuzzy guitar solo on ‘From the Square to the Hill’; an Americana-infused guitar riff on ‘When You’re Lonely, Don’t Be’, a gradual layering of guitar lines and multi-tracked vocals on ‘Didn’t I Say Don’t Fall In Love With Him’ and, as the album draws to a close, a pretty slice of psych-folk that could easily pass for a long-lost sixties relic, the kind of thing Stuart Maconie occasionally plays to calm people down during his ‘Freak Zone’ programme. Modest and restrained, yet pretty and tuneful, anyone who has found their way to this website is bound to enjoy this.” PennyBlack Music

“Taking inspiration from his Italian surroundings, Hayman here occasionally takes a step back from his usual Anglo-centric musings with the late period Jonathan Richman-esque instrumentation suiting his ruminations on life, love and getting older.” Narc [4/5]

Buy it on 12″ vinyl or download here

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Would You – new single from Sunturns

30 Oct


Would You is the first single proper taken from Sunturns‘ new album Christmas II. Written by Einar Stray [Moddi, Einar Stray Orchestra], it’s a reflective look back at those teenage emotions swelling and brooding as the clocks go back, the nights draw in and the isolation of winter descends.

Would You appears on the second album from Sunturns – an album I was desperate to make happen, having absolutely adored their debut record “Christmas” from a few years back. They’re a band that don’t get together very often (one of the hardships that occurs as a result of forming a band devoted to Christmas, those summer festival tours are bloody hard to come by!), and having worked with Ola and Jorgen as part of Making Marks previously, we’re slowly plugged away, planting the seeds of suggestion of making a second album until that that email arrived at Fika HQ: “Hey Tom, we’re thinking of recording a second Sunturns record, are you in?”. It was just like Christmas.

So yeah, we’re chuffed this album is happening – and it’ll be a real beauty. Two 12″ records, one on red vinyl and one on white vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve, encompassing 2011’s album Christmas on vinyl for the very first time and 2015’s Christmas II. If you prefer your Christmas music a little bit melancholic, a little bit jaded, and really rather gorgeous, then I’m sure you’ll love these records as much as I do.

Pre-order your copy of Christmas I & II from the Fika Recordings shop.

Sunturns are a Norwegian super-group devoted to Christmas, featuring members of Making Marks, Moddi, The Little Hands Of Asphalt, Monzano and Einar Stray Orchestra.

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Sunturns – Christmas double album

15 Oct

Christmas may still be a couple of months away, but we just can’t wait any longer to announce our Christmas release from Norwegian indie supergroup Sunturns! Come December we’ll be putting out a double vinyl album featuring their 2011 album Christmas and a brand new album Christmas II.


A follow up Sunturns Christmas album has been on our wish list for a long time; the original album has been a festive favourite alongside those classics from Low, Sufjan Stevens and The Just Joans. If you find yourself putting those on the stereo every year to get yourself through another mince pie and another anecdote from a misinformed and slightly racist distant relative, you’ll be in for a treat with this pair of albums.

For those of you who’ve not come across Sunturns before, you should be familiar with Making Marks from their album A Thousand Half-Truths on Fika back in 2013. Ola Innset and Jørgen Nordby from Making Marks appear as part of Sunturns, alongside Jørgen’s Moddi band mate Einar Stray (also of Einar Stray Orchestra), Sjur Lyseid (of The Little Hands Of Asphalt, which also featured Ola, and Eivind Almhjell of Monzano – a true Norwegian indie supergroup. Sunturns are a band devoted to Christmas – they come together annually for some much loved festive shows in December, before disappearing with the hazy memories of glogg fuelled nights for another year…


So here’s a track for you to hear, taken from the new album. It’s called The Axial Tilt, and like the band’s name, reflects on the the lifting of December’s dark despair as the nights get shorter and daylight starts to make a reappearance.

You can pre-order the double vinyl from us here now, as well digital pre-orders for both album or the new album Christmas II. But you’ll be wanting the physical really, it comes on red and on white vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve with download code, in a beautiful sleeve designed by Allo Darlin’s Paul Rains.

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Nuns Run The Apothecary video from Darren Hayman

9 Oct

We sent Darren Hayman back to Florence in September to record a couple of videos for this forthcoming album Florence. Nuns Run The Apothecary is the opening track on the album, and here’s Darren’s video.

Florence is available to pre-order from Fika Recordings here

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