Fika006: Slottet

Slottet Servants
Slottet Servants

Our releases are coming thick and fast now, with the 6th cassette from Fika Recordings released shortly... which will be a new EP from Sweden's Slottet, called Servants.

Swedesplease have been exceptionally quick off the mark in spotting this release... here's what they had to say

If everybody could pull off the sound made famous by The Postal Service we would have a lot more pretenders like Owl City. But I guess it’s more difficult than it seems to combine easy beats with soft synths and chilled out vocals. So when I say that Slottet recreates that sound I mean it as at least a back handed compliment. “I Know” and “Agnostics Nightmare” are the closest things to Postal Service outtakes as you’re likely to find. As a fan of that band and that sound I really like these two.

You can pre-order and listen to Servants here. Pre-orders will be shipped in May when the EP is released, and you'll get the a digital download of the tracks straightaway. Go!