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New single “Birds” from Enderby’s Room out now

17 Mar

The latest single from Enderby’s Room is out today! Birds is taken from their forthcoming debut album, and was premiered over at For The Rabbits yesterday. Here’s what they had to say about it:

The track is a delicate piece of gently unfurling minimalism, led by a lightly plucked acoustic, and the steady pulse of a double-bass; it’s left to the vocals to carry much of the melodic content. Thankfully in guest vocalist, Deerful’s Emma Winston, they’ve the perfect foil, while Emma’s own music exists in the field of electronic-pop, here she demonstrates herself an equally adept folk-singer. Emma’s silvery vocal effortlessly carrying the quiet melancholy of Dan’s words, as she sings of the natural migration of our avian visitors, “they’re preparing to leave this land and head somewhere warmer, far from our crystal winter“. It’s a song that knows we must all fly the nest at some point, but even in that inevitability, there’s still a sense of trepidation and sadness and what me way lose along the way.

The whole track builds to a quiet crescendo, as Dan and a third voice, belonging to Sophie Koonin, join to provide delightfully harmonious, counter melodies, and the rich, weezing tones of a Victorian pedal harmonium add a touch of depth, before the whole thing fades to fluttering bird song. It’s an exquisitely delivered, and vivid piece of songwriting, and the strongest case yet for just how good Enderby’s Room’s album could be.

Enderby’s Room – “Birds” Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes

You can still buy their debut 7″ vinyl record My Old Friend, and pre-order their album on vinyl, CD or as a download from our Bandcamp shop – it’s out in just over a month’s time.

‘My Old Friend’ from Enderby’s Room out now

17 Feb

We’ve given you a little taster of Enderby’s Room over the past couple of months, with the digital singles Lakeside and Heartaches. Now it’s time to get stuck in properly, with their debut 7″ out today. My Old Friend is taken from their forthcoming self titled debut album, and the 7″ vinyl version comes with two exclusive non-album b-sides, Pale Blue Dot and Postcards.

You can buy it direct from our Bandcamp, from your local record shop, and you can listen digitally via Spotify and iTunes.

Darren Hayman – Bugbears

7 May


It’s happening again! After the sold out screenprinted 10″ Christmas In Howarth EP we released for Darren Hayman the Christmas before last, we’ve another release from him out on Fika Recordings, this time a full length LP! The album has evolved dramatically from our first discussions with Darren about Bugbears and has materialised into one of the most ambitious projects we’ve undertaken so far. So let’s run you through all the important details you need to know!

Bugbears LP vinyl book

…is an album of songs from the English Civil Wars and seventeenth century to accompany The Violence. Here’s Darren’s explanation of Bugbears:

I recently made an album called ‘The Violence’. It concerns itself with the East Anglian witch trials during the English Civil Wars. During my research I started to come across folk songs of the seventeenth century and Stuart era. Two such songs appear on that album: ‘When the King Enjoys His Own Again’ and ‘A Coffin for King Charles, A Crown for Cromwell and a Pit for the People’. 

I didn’t seek to achieve forensic detail when finding these songs, but was keen to have a sense of the flavour of the music of the era. As a side project to the album, I started to record and adapt some of the songs, and now they are collected here.
Consider this an accompanying volume to The Violence, a scene setter, a spin off.
Although I did a fair amount of research, these are not meant to be definitive or historical readings of the songs. I have revised, edited and even rewritten in places.

The Short Parliament
Joining Darren on Bugbears are Bill Botting, Dan Mayfield, Dave Watkins, David Tattersall and Johny Lamb.

We’ll be presenting Bugbears on 180gr heavyweight 12″ vinyl (including a download code) and within a beautiful CD gatefold package. Both formats come with a 16 page booklet of illustrations, lyrics and Darren’s notes, interpretations and commentary.

Duncan Barrett is the genius behind the sleeve artwork and the booklet design. His artwork has graced numerous Fika releases in the past and hopefully many more to come! The booklet itself features an illustration for each of the 13 songs on Bugbears, from 13 different artists. Among those involved were Pam Berry, Robert Rotifer, Dan Willson and Ant Harding.

The Blog
Over the next two months in the run up to the release on the 15th of July, Darren and I will be hosting a blog. Expect to find previews of the songs, videos, interviews from historians and musicians, features of the illustrators and plenty more.

The album is available to pre-order from the Fika Recording shop now, shipping in early July.

Bugbears CD and booklet

Follow the Bugbears blog at fikarecordings.com/bugbears