Fika059: Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums – Better Friends
Fika058: Enderby’s Room – Enderby’s Rooms
Fika057: Enderby’s Room – My Old Friend
Fika056: Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks – Vieilles Caniques et Nouvelles Caniques
Fika055: Cosines – Transitions
Fika054: Palomica – Petito
Fika053: Math and Physics Club – In This Together
Fika052: Sally Shapiro – If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind
Fika051: Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks – Turtle Dove
Fika050: Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums – It’s Not Christmas Anymore
Fika049: Sunturns – Christmas I & II
Fika048: Darren Hayman – Florence
Fika047: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – My Ass
Fika046: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Berlin
Fika045: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Wakefield
Fika044: Owl & Mouse – Departures
Fika043: Owl & Mouse – Octopi
Fika042: Azure Blue – Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea
Fika041: Stanley Brinks & Freschard – Pizza Espresso
Fika040: Cosines – Oscillations
Fika039: The Smittens – Love Record Breaker
Fika038: Owl & Mouse – Somewhere To Go
Fika037: Cosines – Commuter Love
Fika036: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Gin
Fika035: Making Marks – A Thousand Half-Truths
Fika034: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Ice
Fika033: Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Orange Juice
Fika032: Azure Blue – Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt
Fika031RMX: Victoria and Jacob – Theia Mania [Remixes]
Fika031: Victoria and Jacob – Theia Mania
Fika030: Making Marks – Barcodes
Fika029: Victoria and Jacob – Victoria and Jacob
Fika028: Fulhäst – Broken
Fika027: Cosines – Hey Sailor Boy!
Fika026: Fulhäst – What Do You See?
Fika025RMX: Victoria and Jacob – Cry Baby [Remixes]
Fika025: Victoria and Jacob – Cry Baby
Fika024: Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament – Bugbears
Fika023RMX: Victoria and Jacob – Festival [Remixes]
Fika023: Victoria and Jacob – Festival
Fika022: Tullycraft – Lost In Light Rotation
Fika021: Making Marks – Ticket Machine
Fika020: The Smittens – Believe Me
Fika019: Tigercats – Harper Lee
Fika018: The Smittens – Burning Streets Of Rome
Fika017: Allo Darlin’ – Europe
Fika016: Fulhäst – Down The Deuce
Fika015: Tigercats – Isle Of Dogs
Fika014: Tigercats – Full Moon Reggae Party
Fika013: Red Shoe Diaries – Ice & Snow
Fika012: Various Artists – A Fika Recordings & Darren Hayman Advent Calendar
Fika011: Darren Hayman – Christmas In Haworth
Fika010: Moustache Of Insanity – Album Of Death
Fika009: Red Shoe Diaries – When I Find My Heart…
fika008: Ed Greene – A Place To Call Home
Fika007: Petter Seander – Destroyer
Fika006: Slottet – Servants
Fika005: Amida – The Spitehouse Plot
Fika004: Moustache Of Insanity – Moustache Dammit!!!
Fika003: Horowitz – The Knitwear EP
Fika002: Lost Summer Kitten – Not Another Sad Song
Fika001: Lisa Bouvier – Indien är Död

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