ful {Swedish, adjective} hideous –unsightly – ugly

häst {Swedish, noun} horse

fulhäst Sorry, no results found.

The same old story: Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Six years pass. Girl leaves boy. Boy takes his Game Boy and guitar and makes a record. This is it.

Fulhäst is Nik. He is feeling fine these days, thanks for asking.

Fulhäst plays lo-fi Gameboy pop-punk about movies, heartbreak and stuff.

His debut album, Broken, is out on 10″ yellow vinyl in July 2013. This debut release was a long since sold out gameboy styled cassette tape, Down The Deuce.


Fika016: Fulhäst – Down The Deuce [Cassette/DL]
Fika026: Fulhäst – What Do You See? [DL]
Fika028: Fulhäst – Broken [10″/DL]

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